E. Moore Quinn


E. Moore Quinn has been working in pilgrimage studies for many years, having participated in several of them in Ireland, Canada, and the United States. Interested in social justice pilgrimage in particular, she has written about the re-sacralization of certain global sites. Quinn co-hosted with Ian McIntosh the first two global "Sacred Journeys" conferences at Oxford University (2014-2015); it was there that she refined her holistic perspective on the subject. Thereafter, Quinn served in several co-editorial positions, including Pilgrimage in Practice: Narration, Reclamation and Healing (CABI 2018) and "What is Pilgrimage?," a special issue published in the Journal of International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (IJRTP) in 2018. Quinn served as guest editor (with Diane Austin) for the journal Practicing Anthropology in 2007; she also guest-edited Irish Studies Review (ISR) in 2010 and 2015.