Peter Clough


Peter Clough is a Chartered Sport and Exercise psychologist and a Chartered Occupational psychologist. He is a senior lecturer at the University of Hull, and his main research interests are in performance in high pressure environments. He is also co-developer, with Keith Earle, of the mental toughness model and of the MTQ48 mental toughness questionnaire. His consultancy experience in the world of work embraces a wide variety of projects with major organizations in the UK and elsewhere, including the design and implementation of Assessment and Development Centres, Work Place Counselling, Employee and Culture Surveys, Leadership development, and Psychometric testing and training. In collaboration with AQR international, he supervises the ongoing development of the world’s first integrated psychometric measure for Leadership Style and Behaviour. His first degree is in Psychology and his Masters degree (awarded by Sheffield University) is in Occupational Psychology. Peter earned his PhD at Aberdeen University.

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