Heidi Hall


Heidi Hall, Global Technical Services Manager for Anpario plc, a UK specialized animal feed additive company. Graduated from the University of Leeds with BSc Hons Zoology degree in 2011 and joined the technical team at AB Agri ltd as a Commercial Nutrition Graduate. She later progressed from General Nutritionist with ABN (a division of AB Agri) to the Technical Project Manager for the Alternative Proteins division. Her latter role focused on developing novel proteins for the livestock industry, and Heidi worked on a number of insect research projects including leading the UK Innovate project between AB Agri and FERA Science, where she met Elaine, the EU PROteINSECT project (on the advisory board) and the Danish led inVALUABLE project. The editors have jointly published two peer-reviewed papers on Insect production, nutritional parameters and the value of insect protein in poultry diets.

Heidi has individually authored papers on gut health in swine and recently been awarded a Nuffield Scholarship looking at strategies to maximize gut health and therefore reduce the need for antimicrobials.

Author's Books

Insects as Animal Feed

Novel Ingredients for Use in Pet, Aquaculture and Livestock Diets