Tiziano Caruso


Dr. Tiziano Caruso is Full professor of Horticulture, University of Palermo, Italy. He graduated at the Faculty of Agricultural Science - University of Palermo, (Italy). In the past decades his research activity has mainly focused on the morphological and molecular characterization of Mediterranean fruit tree genetic resources (olive and pistachio) and on the horticultural and eco-physiological evaluation of cultivars and rootstocks of temperate zone tree fruit (peach, cherry) in intensive and super intensive planting systems.He is Author/Co-author of more than 70 scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals and more than 150 scientific and technology transfer papers published in national and in international journals.Prof. Caruso is a fellow of the Italian Society of Horticultural Science, the Italian Academy of Olive and Oil and of the Accademia dei Georgofili (Italy) and he is Chair of the Division Temperate Tree Nut of ISHS and member of various ISHS working groups.

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