Dawn Scholey


Dawn Scholey completed her first degree in Applied Biology and worked as a researcher in ruminant reproduction for nine years, before joining a large multinational pet food company, specifically looking at palatability and behavior in domestic cats. This was followed by a period in R&D managing factory trials. 2006 brought a move to Nottingham Vet School as a foundation member of staff involved in both research and teaching. Dawn also managed the radiation and histology labs there, before joining Nottingham Trent University as a PhD student in 2009. She gained her PhD at Nottingham Trent University in 2012, after undertaking an EPSRC funded industrial CASE studentship in association with AB Agri entitled "The optimization of distillery co-products for use in poultry feed." Her research into environmentally sustainable forms of poultry nutrition is ongoing and she is regularly asked to speak on this topic. Dawn is in charge of poultry research at NTU alongside unit leader Emily Burton. As such Dawn collaborates with both internal and external customers to run poultry studies, mainly in the area of broiler nutrition. Dawn is also a member of both the WPSA UK Branch Council and Program Committee for the annual spring meeting.