Mark Swainson


Mark Swainson is Deputy Head of the National Centre for Food Manufacturing and lead for Higher Education and Research. His industrial food manufacturing sector expertise was developed whilst working in senior Technical and Operations Management roles within the high risk chilled and frozen food industry, for suppliers of a wide range of products (including ready meals, soups, sauces, pasta salads, dips and dressings) to the major supermarkets, food manufacturing and food service sectors. An experienced technical and operations manager well qualified in industrial food technology and food process and packaging systems, Mark is listed on the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) Food Safety Experts Database, is a qualified and experienced Lead Auditor, a member of the Knowledge Transfer Network (Food Advisory Group) and a member of the Institute of Packaging. Since joining the University, Mark has progressed industry-based research and work with businesses on bespoke projects in order to address specific food industry needs and issues. He also leads the design, development, and delivery of the Higher Education provision at the NCFM, including Foundation Degrees, BSc Hons and Degree Apprenticeships in subject areas including Food Science and Technology and Food Operations Management. He also leads the NCFM post-graduate provision (Master of Science Degrees and PhDs) across an extensive range of Food Sector subject areas.

Author's Books

Food Industry 4.0

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