Julien Guillaumin


Julien Guillaumin is currently an Associate Professor in Emergency and Critical Care at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. After graduating from the Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Nantes, France, he pursued a small animal rotating internship at the Ecole Nationale Veterinaire d'Alfort, France. After graduation, he worked in both private practice emergency settings and academia, serving as a clinical instructor in Emergency and Critical Care at the Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Lyon (now VetAgroSup). He continued his advanced training in Emergency and Critical Care in the US, working at Cornell University and completed his ACVECC residency from the University of California, Davis in 2009. He has been a teacher and clinician at Ohio State University since then. Julien's main clinical interest is hemostasis, blood banking and blood products, immune mediated hemolytic anemia, thrombosis, including pulmonary thromboembolism and feline acute aortic thromboembolis, as well as SIRS, sepsis and MODS. He currently serves in the ACVECC residency training committee, and the ECVECC Education Committee. He is part of the OSU internship program committee, coordinator of the OSU ECC residency committee and trained over 100 interns and ECC residents. He has over 100 invited lectures and more than 50 peer-review publications and research publications.