Jonathan Yuen


Jonathan Yuen received his undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago, and a PhD from Cornell University. He has held positions at the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center in Taiwan, the University of Hawaii, and Uppsala University, before joining the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, first working in the extension services, but subsequently as Professor in Plant Pathology, with a specialization in epidemiology. His research interests cover areas from human disease epidemiology to the factors affecting plant disease management decisions. A recurring theme has been the role of plant diseases with respect to food security in both developed and developing countries. He has served as the Chairman of the epidemiology committee of the ISPP and has had editor positions with the journal Phytopathology. He is currently on the editorial board of CABI Agriculture and Biosciences. While he has retired from the Swedish University of Agricultlural Sciences, he serves on the Panel on Plant Health at the European Food Safety Authority.