Lorinda A. Hart


Dr. Lorinda A. Hart is a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Her research interests are broad, covering ecophysiology, and urban and invasive ecology. Her PhD focused on avian and bat frugivores which feed on invasive fruits commonly found in South Africa, quantifying the effects that these frugivores have on invasive seed germination and the energetic rewards they gain. After her PhD she conducted public surveys and determined the current distribution of the rose-ringed parakeet in the greater Durban Metropolitan area of eThekwini. She is currently involved in several projects examining a range of species including fruit bats, birds of prey, woolly-necked storks and a variety of seabirds from the Seychelles. She is also an invasive species consultant with the South African Green Industries Council (SAGIC).

Author's Books

Invasive Birds

Global Trends and Impacts