Anne McBride


Anne McBride has a Psychology degree and PhD in animal behavior from University College London. She has had a few cat teachers, notably Corky, named for her corkscrew shaped tail that had been broken in several places. A small, black non-pedigree unwanted kitten brought to the vet to be euthanized, where a young Anne was working as a Saturday helper. Instead, Corky found a home for the next 14 years! An Animal Behavior and Training Council Registered Clinical Animal Behaviorist, she has been practicing since 1987, and developed and ran for 20 years the first postgraduate course in this field at the University of Southampton. She continues to teach about Human-Animal Interactions at Southampton, and elsewhere, including teaching some of Bjarne’s students about animal learning and training – with sessions to help them practice their skills by training new behaviors to cows! Her degree, experience as a clinician, and generally of life and people and her strong interest in the "hows and whys" are central to her main goal in life. Namely, to help others become creative, yet critical thinkers in respect of animal (and human) behavior and welfare. Her second goal is to grow older whilst never truly growing up, by continuing to learn, and laugh all the way to the end! As an aside, you will find Anne has books and papers published as Anne McBride, and as E. Anne McBride.

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