Wendy Sneddon


Wendy Sneddon, RVN, MSc, FInstLM is an Author, Business Coach and Veterinary Practice Manager with a strong work ethic and passionate about her role. With nearly 30 years of experience within the veterinary industry, she has built a great understanding of how veterinary practices should be run, and what it takes to build an engaged, motivated team. She qualified as a veterinary nurse technician and has worked in a whole range of roles: in practice, as a locum, as a lecturer and as a practitioner in industry. She has a wealth of experience in HR, Recruitment, Financial Management and Training, with an expertise in setting up HR systems and people management: from recruitment to exit. Also she enjoys mediation and conflict resolution – the more challenging the better! Wendy is a fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management and an associate member of the CIPD. She is on the editorial board of the Veterinary Nursing Times and provides industry articles and publications. As the Veterinary Profession evolves, the focus is increasingly on business. Balancing business priorities with integrity is one of the biggest challenges we face. Veterinary practice employees who want to increase their standing in practice, earn more money and have a better work life balance, first must value what they do themselves, demonstrate their abilities and continually update their skills, and practices must charge appropriately for their services. Wendy provides support to those practice owners who want success!