Dennis V. Johnson


Prof. Dennis V. Johnson is a Consultant and Former University Professor. He is a graduate of the University of California Los Angeles where he completed his B.A. (1966), M.A. (1970) and Ph.D. (1972) degrees in geography, with specialization in agriculture and biogeography. He has taught at several colleges and universities including the University of Houston, and was a visiting professor for two years at the University of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil. Dr. Johnson also has worked extensively with international development agencies providing technical assistance to agriculture and forestry on projects and programs in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. He has published numerous articles on palm utilization and conservation and has edited or written books for FAO, IUCN and UNEP. He has also translated into English plant science books from Portuguese and Spanish. A decade ago Dr. Johnson began to focus his research on date palm, in particular its introduction to non-traditional areas such as Spain, North and South America and Australia. He co-authored a book on date growing in the USA and has made presentations at five international date palm conferences, and co-edited books on date palm, sago palm and plant breeding.