Carrie A. Kortegast


Carrie A. Kortegast is an Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Northern Illinois University. Her research broadly focuses on how postsecondary environments mediates student learning and development and the use of visual methods in research and pedagogy.

She has authored publications on social learning during short-term study abroad, the experience of LGBTQ students and student affairs administrators, and using digital storytelling in pedagogy. She has presented on visual methods in research and pedagogy at the Association for the Study of Higher Education, the ACPA: American College Educators International, and NASPA: Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education.

She serves on the editorial review board for Journal of College Student Development. In her teaching pedagogy, she utilizes visual methods such as digital storytelling, reflective collages, drawings, and art audits to enhance student learning. Prior to teaching, Dr. Kortegast served as a student affairs administrator for nine years.

Author's Books

Engaging Images for Research, Pedagogy, and Practice

Utilizing Visual Methods to Understand and Promote College Student Development

E-Book (ePub)