Dolors Vidal-Casellas


Dolors Vidal-Casellas, PhD, is Dean and a senior lecturer at the Tourism Faculty of the University of Girona. She is Founder of the Official Master in Cultural Tourism, a member of the Contemporary Culture and Art Chair and also member of the research groups "Contemporary Art Theories" and "Higher Institute of Tourism Studies" (INSETUR). She is director of the collection "Turisme cultural" (cultural tourism) by Edicions Vitel·la. She joined different cooperation programs with universities from Algeria, Sao Paolo, Piracicaba (Brazil) and San Martin de Porres (Peru). She is also a member of cultural tourism international networks: Ibertur, Atlas and Unitwin "Culture, tourisme et developpement" (UNESCO). Her research interests include cultural tourism, religious tourism, history of tourism, heritage management, destination imagery and tourism planning and policies.