Christina Beckmann


Christina Beckmann contributed large portions of this book, including cases on Qhapaq Ñan and the Jordan Trail, as well as sections and chapters relating to adventure tourism and walking trail development. In addition, she briefed and involved many of the secondary contributors in these fields. In her position as Senior Director, Strategy and Impact at the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), Christina provides guidance research to support the use of tourism as a tool for environmental conservation and economic development. She has twenty years consulting and research experience working at the intersection of tourism, environment, economic development and entrepreneurship. Prior to joining the ATTA Christina consulted with government tourism ministries to develop adventure tourism market growth plans. A frequent collaborator and speaker, Christina's writing can be found in numerous industry trade and general publications, including the National Geographic and publications by Sagamore: "Adventure Programming" and "Travel for the 21st Century." More of her background and writing can be found at

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