Ashok Kumar


Ashok Kumar is presently working as a Principal Scientist in Veterinary Medicine at ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Goats, Makhdoom, and Mathura. He is a veterinary graduate ( BVSc & AH) and has a PhD in Veterinary Medicine. He has more than 27 years' experience in teaching and research in the field of animal disease management, prevention and control. He has been working on the epidemiology, treatment and management of goat diseases for 17 years. His research covers a range of topics such as clinical diagnostics in farm animals, drug result monitoring, clinical disease management, diagnostic development and alternative therapy. He has published 125 articles in research journals, more than 90 abstracts in proceedings and has presented 15 lead papers in national and international seminars and symposiums. He has filed 8 patents in drug research and commercialized six product formulations. He has supervised a number of postgraduate and PhD students, and has also worked as a visiting scientist at USDA ARS Eastern Regional Research Center, Pennsylvania, where he studied plant derived natural antimicrobials. In 2013 he was awarded the prestigious R L Agrawal National Gold Medal by the Indian Society for Veterinary Medicine for his outstanding contribution to Veterinary Medicine in India.