Pete Ostafichuk


Pete Ostafichuk is a professor of teaching in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC). His primary teaching area is engineering design, but he has taught a variety of other topics including aircraft aerodynamics, naval architecture, engineering principles, and even some physics, math, and statistics. He is the co-creator and former coordinator of the multi-award winning Mech 2 program that integrates 15 previously disparate courses into a fully-integrated, hands-on, team-taught curriculum. From his first course as a new faculty member at UBC in 2004, Pete has been teaching using TBL. He has taught almost 2000 students, from sophomore to doctoral level, in 20 TBL courses in the years since. He has delivered numerous faculty workshops, conference papers, and webinars on the use of TBL. He also helps to mentor faculty members making the switch to TBL.