James H. Banning


James H. Banning , Professor Emeritus, Colorado State University, is an environmental psychologist and studies institutional learning environments from the perspective of campus ecology. Jim holds a Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology from the University of Colorado – Boulder, Colorado. He has served in a number of Senior Student Affairs Officers positions.

He began his SSAO career as acting Dean of Students at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Later his SSAO experience included the positions of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at the University of Missouri, Columbia and Vice President for Student Affairs at Colorado State. In the student affairs field, he is seen as a pioneer in the campus ecology movement. He has co-authored several books: Educating by Design: Creating Campus Environments that Work, Positioning Student Affairs for Sustainable Change(Jossey Bass 2001),Designing for Learning: Creating Campus Environments for Student Success(Jossey Bass 2015)), and recently authored Campus Ecology and University Affairs: History, Applications, and Future - A Scholarly Personal Narrative(TerraCotta Publishing, 2016).

Jim has also been active in the classroom. He taught environmental psychology for the Department of Psychology and campus ecology for the Student Affairs Program in Higher Education, and qualitative research and data analysis for School of Education’s Higher Education Leadership Program. Jim retired in 2013, but continues to teach and write, focusing on the concept of campus ecology.

Visit James's personal website, The Campus Ecologist.

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