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Published: February 2018

292 pp., 7 1/2" x 9"
A publication of University 101 Programs, University of South Carolina

Transitions is the customized textbook for students in the University of South Carolina's University 101 first-year seminar. It includes both general and institution-specific information for first-year students. Topics include time management, academic success strategies, career development, information literacy, health and wellness, and diversity. An ideal model for institutions working to design a custom-published first-year seminar text.

Table of Contents:

List of Assessments, Figures, Tables

CHAPTER 1: An Introduction to University 101
About University 101 at the University of South Carolina
University of South Carolina- The National and International Leader in First-Year seminars
University 101 Learning Outcomes
Your University 101 Instructors
University 101 Peer Leader Program
University 101 Awards
Other Courses

CHAPTER 2: Academic Strategies
I Never Studied in High School
Strategies versus Skills
Study Strategies in College
Using High Impact Learning Strategies
Using Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and Study Groups
College Students are measured on Four “Products”
Adopting a Growth Mindset on Academic Success- You Can Do This!

CHAPTER 3: Managing Time
Time Management
Aligning Your Goals and Values
Goal Setting
How do you Spend Your Time?
Scheduling Tools

CHAPTER 4: Academic Policies, Processes, and Resources
Academic Policies and Procedures
Academic Planning Processes
When Things Don’t Work out as you Planned

CHAPTER 5: Involvement and Engagement
Involvement versus Engagement
Student Life
Discover Columbia
Going Deeper
Integrative Learning and USC Connect

CHAPTER 6: Positive Relationships
Making Friends in a New Environment
Relationships with University Faculty
A Word about your Digital Identity
Changing Relationships
Managing Conflict

CHAPTER 7 History and Traditions
Keeping it Cocky since 1801: A Chronological History
Noteworthy Moments in University History
Current Carolina Traditions

CHAPTER 8 Values and Identity
Understanding your Values
Clarifying your Identity
Understanding Others
Carolina Community
Communicating with Others
Community Opportunities

CHAPTER 9 The Carolinian Creed
University Rules
The Carolinian Creed and its Tenets
Confronting Harmful Behavior
Character Matters
Practicing and Promoting the Creed

CHAPTER 10 Wellbeing
Personal Wellness
Will I Really Gain the “Freshman 15”?
Do I Really Need Eight Hours of Sleep?
How Should I Handle Stress?
Financial Wellness
Alcohol Use and Other Drugs
Sexual Health
Health Care

CHAPTER 11 Employability
Engaging in Career Planning…It’s Never Too Early to Start
Understanding the Current Landscape
Employability? What’s That?
USC Employability Model
How Will I Get There?
Career Decision Making: Four-Step Model