The New Science of Learning
Instructor’s Manual to the Third Edition

The New Science of Learning

How to Learn in Harmony With Your Brain

I wrote this manual to help you get the most out of the third edition of The New Science of Learning. I do not expect you to use everything in this manual or use the information as presented. Everything in this manual is provided for your consideration and to give you suggestions and ideas that you can adapt or adopt as you see fit.

Every chapter of this manual follows the same structure. The first element constitutes a short introduction to its topic, explaining the context, making connections that are not laid out in the student textbook, or describing my approach teaching the material.

The next chapter section covers "Classroom Conversations/Activities." Each chapter presents at least two potential discussion topics or activities to complete with your students. In some cases, I have provided discussion prompts, leaving the rest to you. In other cases, I have outlined an entire active learning experience for the class. Use only what you find helpful and feel free modify the activities as you see fit.

The following section offers "Study Tips," providing my rationale for them so you can explain their purpose to your students or use them as a frame for a discussion.

The last section of each chapter concludes with "Discussion Questions". Here I offer my thoughts on anticipating students’ responses and suggestions for discussions.

–—– Todd D. Zakrajsek