Rogha Danta / Selected Poems 1970-1998
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"Word comes to us from abroad of an event worth celebrating: the bilingual publication of Michael Davitt's "The Oomph of Quicksilver... While Davitt's work is essentially informed by the oral traditions of Irish folk song and story, he is also heavily influenced by others outside Ireland, such a e.e. Cummings, Bob Dylan and the Beats. The facts that Michael Davitt is such a seminal Ginsberg-like figure in the world of Irish-language literature and that the "Oomph of Quicksilver" selected poems spanning almost thirty years, is his first to appear in English translation are our cause for celebration.... With translations by some of the most highly respected Irish poets writing mainly in English, the "Oomph" is a clear field for those of us here in the US To witness such uncommon talent." -- The Bloomsbury Review