May 2012
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    National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition
  • Published
    17th May 2012
  • ISBN 9781889271811
  • Language English
  • Pages 112 pp.
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Friedman, a recognized expert on seminar administration and assessment, provides a comprehensive framework for deciding what to assess, what kinds of data to collect and from whom, and how to use findings for continuous program refinement and improvement. The volume is a useful tool for administrators launching a new seminar or managing a decades old course. While centered on the first-year seminar, Friedman’s suggested strategies can be applied to a wide range of educational experiences in the first college year and beyond.

Other volumes in the series:
Volume I: Designing and Administering the Course
Volume II: Instructor Training and Development
Volume III: Teaching in the First-Year Seminar
Volume IV: Using Peers in the Classroom

These are also available as a Five Volume Set

“What type of method should I use? How do I collect and analyze the data? Once I have the information, what do I do with it? And then what? Friedman thoroughly outlines the answers to these questions. While focused on first-year seminars, the guidance offered in this volume could be applied to a variety of programs, courses, and fields.”

- NACADA Journal

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Notes on the Series—Tracy L. Skipper, Series Editor


Chapter 1: An Overview of First-Year Seminar Assessment

Chapter 2: A Framework for Assessing a First-Year Seminar

Chapter 3: Approaches to Data Collection: The How of Assessment Planning

Chapter 4: Approaches to Data Collection: The Who of Assessment Planning

Chapter 5: Analyzing, Interpreting, and Making Use of Assessment Results

Chapter 6: The Course Review Process: Determining Relevance

Appendix A: Sample Assessment Plan From University 101 at the University of South Carolina

Appendix B: Assessment Plan for Campbell University Freshman Seminar



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Daniel B. Friedman

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