Towards the Compassionate School

From Golden Rule to Golden Thread

November 2015
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  • Publisher
    Trentham Books
  • Published
    16th November 2015
  • ISBN 9781858565262
  • Language English
  • Pages 160 pp.
  • Size 6.125" x 9.5"

Education has a crucial role in creating a society that can deal with the critical issues children face today. The authors offer a comprehensive rationale and vision for compassionate schools that embody love in action. They explore the practical implementation of the golden rule through the curriculum, particularly SMSC and PSHE, thus responding to Karen Armstrong’s challenge in her TED talk of 2009: "If we don’t manage to implement the golden rule globally so that we treat all peoples, wherever and whoever they may be, as though they were as important as ourselves, I doubt we will have a viable world to hand on to the next generation."

Education policymakers and teachers will find in this book an overview by Gilroy Brown, John Lloyd, Tamara Russell, Tiago Tatton-Ramos, David Woods and Maurice Coles of what would have to change to instill compassion in schools and what has been found to work. And Mick Waters argues for a world-class compassionate curriculum and advocates the international application of the United Nations Rights of the Child which, if "properly embraced by nations ... would ensure a compassionate curriculum… worldwide."

"In an educational age epitomized by competition and an ever-narrowing focus on the tried and tested, the authors offer, rather than shout, a call to action for a positive, future-focused education that will allow all learners to grow with and through respect. They provide a significant and diverse body of knowledge and evidence while at the same time providing an alternative vision, philosophy and aspiration for what education might become. This is a really important book."

Peter Hall Jones, co-founder, The Curriculum Foundation

Foreword, by Dr Keith Magee
Introduction, by Maurice Irfan Coles
1. Changing the story, altering the paradigm, by Maurice Irfan Coles
2. Compassionate minds (and brains) in education, by Tamara A. Russell and Tiago P. Tatton-Ramos
3. BE ORACLES POWER: Compassion through spiritual development, by Maurice Irfan Coles
4. Compassion through moral and social development, by David Woods
5. Compassion through cultural development, by Gilroy Brown and Maurice Irfan Coles
6. Compassion through development of physical and mental health and well-being, by John Lloyd
7. The Compassionate Curriculum, by Mick Waters;
Conclusion: Bringing it all together – The next steps, by Maurice Irfan Coles
Afterword, by Estelle Morris, Baroness of Yardley

Maurice Irfan Coles

Maurice Irfan Coles has worked in education for nearly fifty years and has written extensively on school improvement, race equality, intercultural education and CPD.