Policing Youth Violence

Transatlantic Connections

December 2013
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  • Publisher
    Trentham Books
  • Published
    5th December 2013
  • ISBN 9781858565194
  • Language English
  • Pages 230 pp.
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Gang violence is a growing concern for politicians, police and the public. This book focuses on two cities with very different demographics and gang culture—Cincinnati, Ohio and Glasgow, Scotland—and their innovative deterrence strategies.

Readers will ride along with operational police officers while they patrol the streets of these cities. They will hear the voices of senior officers, offenders and street workers as they reflect upon the impact of the street culture and its relationship with territoriality and with social and cultural inequality.

The authors draw upon their ethnographic research with police officers, young offenders and street workers to analyze the different kinds of youth violence and their underlying causes. From their examination of the policy transfer principles that underpin the Cincinnati Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV), they identify potential strategies for dealing with the issues that lead to youth violence in cities in the west.

The book will be essential reading for those concerned with community welfare and criminal justice: politicians, youth/community leaders and social workers, academic researchers into policing, youth violence and crime, and for police officers and leadership trainers.

"Deuchar provides a textured and compelling account of youth violence, unravelling the unique and common causes that lead impoverished teens—White in Scotland, African American in the United States—to victimize in lethal ways. He also shows this violence is not intractable but, through sound and supportive interventions, can be diminished—and the futures of troubled youngsters rescued. Carefully researched and accessibly written, this volume is both essential reading for scholars and ideal for classroom use."

Professor Francis Cullen, Distinguished Research Professor - , University of Cincinnati

Foreword (Robin S. Engel)
1. The causes and effects of youth violence: Transatlantic perspectives
2. Policing the violence: Challenges and opportunities
3. Tales and confessions from an ethnography: The communities, research methods, and ethical issues
4. Gangs, guns, and (dis)respect: The causes and nature of youth violence in Cincinnati
5. Strains, critical moments, and street violence: Tales of Glasgow’s lost boys
6. From zero tolerance to ‘PhD cops’: Police journeys and the CIRV model in Cincinnati
7. Guns, Tasers, and ‘hard chargers’: Police culture on the streets of Cincinnati
8. Transatlantic connections, transitions, and lesson-drawing: Designing and delivering CIRV in Glasgow
9. Cops, lads, labels, and searches: Insights from the Gangs Task Force in Glasgow
10. Faith, love, and hope: The work of Street Advocates in Cincinnati
11. Sport, youth work, and intensive support: Taking young men on social and spiritual journeys in
12. Journeys towards desistance in Cincinnati and Glasgow
13. Focused deterrence: Continuing journeys and new applications

Ross Deuchar

Ross Deuchar is Professor of Research in Education at University of the West of Scotland, and author of Gangs, Marginalised Youth and Social Capital,Citizenship, Enterprise and Learning: Harmonising Competing Educational Agendas and co-editor of the International Journal on School Disaffection.