Teaching in Effective Primary Schools

Research into Pedagogy and Children's Learning

September 2019
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  • Publisher
    UCL IOE Press
  • Published
    16th September 2019
  • ISBN 9781858565064
  • Language English
  • Pages 220 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

Headteachers, teachers, parents, politicians and school governors have long been united in wondering how to produce effective teaching in primary schools - but they could find few reliable answers. This book changes that. Here, some of the UK's leading researchers into effective primary school provision combine qualitative and quantitative research findings to shine a spotlight on teaching in effective primary schools. They reveal the pedagogical strategies that are the hallmark of successful schools and bring these strategies to life through detailed observations of classroom interactions. Reading this book takes you into the classrooms of skillful teachers and describes inspirational teaching. The book offers accessible, multi-layered evidence for making learning more engaging and motivating for children, through better pedagogical practice.

"The history of education is littered with ideology, headline-grabbing here today, gone tomorrow policies and the hyped ideas of education gurus. Cutting through the fads and fashions, this book, by some of the UK’s most eminent education academics, gives us firm foundations for effective primary education."

From the foreword by Sir Kevan Collins, Chief Executive, Education Endowment Foundation

"Key findings from the massive Effective Provision of Pre-school, Primary & Secondary Education research programme are available for the first time in this accessible book. Anyone interested in improving primary education - whether in a single classroom, a school, or across an entire system - would benefit greatly from reading it."

Dylan Wiliam, Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment, UCL Institute of Education

Foreword, by Sir Kevan Collins
Introduction: The flame of inspiration
1. The research landscape and the Effective Primary Pedagogical Strategies in English and Maths (EPPSEM) study
2. The methods of study
3. Classroom organization and climate
4. Clear objectives and behaviour management
5. A mixture of learning approaches
6. Plenaries, linking learning and homework
7 The variations in classroom practice
8. The influence of teaching quality
9. Summaries and implications
Appendix 1: EPPSE Publications
Appendix 2: Chronology of the Department of Education

Pam Sammons

Pam Sammons is a Professor of Education at the Department of Education, University of Oxford. She is a leading authority on school effectiveness and improvement research.

Kathy Sylva

Kathy Sylva is Professor of Educational Psychology at the Department of Education, University of Oxford. She has researched extensively in the education and care of young children.

Iram Siraj

Iram Siraj is Professor of Child Development and Education at the Department of Education, University of Oxford. She specializes in researching environments that enhance young children's learning.

Brenda Taggart

Brenda Taggart is an honorary member of staff at the UCL Institute of Education. She was one of the Principal Investigators and the Research Co-ordinator of the Effective Pre-school, Primary and Secondary Education (EPPSE) project at the UCL Institute of Education. Her background is in primary education, lecturing and research.

Edward Melhuish

Edward Melhuish is Professor of Human Development at the Department of Education, University of Oxford. He contributed to policy in the UK for families, early years services and education.

Donna-Lynne Shepherd

Donna-Lynn Shepherd is Senior Research Assistant in the Research Centre for Psychology, Behaviour and Achievement at Coventry University. She is also Head of Maths and Progress Lead at Arc School Ansley.