Women and Success

Professors in the UK Academy

May 2012
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  • Publisher
    Trentham Books
  • Published
    22nd May 2012
  • ISBN 9781858564869
  • Language English
  • Pages 148 pp.
  • Size 6.75" x 9.25"

Women and Success provides telling insight into the experiences of twenty women professors of different backgrounds and ages who work in various academic disciplines within the UK academy.

Kate Hoskins examines the influences and factors which shape the capacity of some women to achieve high positions in a setting where they have historically been excluded. Drawing on Bourdieu’s concept of habitus, she analyzes the impact of their identity—their social class, gender and ethnicity—in their choices of promotion pathways, their journeys of progression and their constructions of success.

Women and Success is an innovative and engaging sociological analysis of the concept of career success. The stories are revealing and the empirical and theoretical understandings make the book essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students, further and higher education professionals and active researchers.

1) The context
2) Policy, history and women’s access to higher education
3) Education pathways
4) Entry to the academy
5) Academic career progression
6) Career success
7) Discussion: successful women academics?

Kate Hoskins

Kate Hoskins is Senior Lecturer in Education at Roehampton University. Her research draws on the sociology of education and education policy, with a focus on social class, gender and ethnicity.