Psychology, Race Equality and Working with Children

November 2010
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  • Publisher
    Trentham Books
  • Published
    1st November 2010
  • ISBN 9781858564746
  • Language English
  • Pages 228 pp.
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This book shows how psychology can be used by practitioners to promote racial harmony for children and reduce racial disadvantage. Educationists, psychologists and educational practitioners who are all involved with children from ethnic minority groups identify ways to develop practitioners’ understanding of how services can be made to support all children’s healthy psychological growth and thus benefit society as a whole.

The book is essential to professional development, bringing together academic and action research to provide relevant advice for practitioners in schools, social care and health services uniting under the No Child Left Behind and Every Child Matters agendas. The range of disciplines offered by the authors will stimulate ongoing debates on race and disadvantage within social policy, training and service delivery. They consider:

* issues in initial training and continuing professional development
* research and practice for targeted ethnic groups
* theoretical perspectives on research and practice
* curriculum and service development: the racist and homophobic curriculum and user involvement.

The contributors are: Olatayo and Taiwo Afuape, Jan Carter, Christine Cork, Luke Daniels, Jade Guishard, Isis and Jeune Guishard-Pine, Lloyd Hamilton, Alex Harborne, Sarah Hawes, Valerie Jackson, Yvonne Mills, Karina Ng, Clare Nichols, Randa Price, Hazel Sawyers, Sarah Took and Naomi Anna Watson.

1) Introduction - The other side of the coin
Section 1 - Training the professionals
2) Race and culture in nurse education: learning through experience - Christine Cork, Sarah Hawes and Clare Nichols
3) Black expertise: can being black be a skill? - Valerie Jackson
4) ictiom or Criminal? The radicalisation of the juvenile justice system - Jeune Guishard-Pine
5) Ensuring (E)quality of services: implications for Continuing Professional Development - Hazel Sawyers and Jeune Guishard-Pine
6) Education is for life: Further and Higher Education for diverse Britain - Olatayo Afuape
Section 2 - Models of innovative work with specific ethnic groups
7) Chinese pupils: the silent voices in British schools - Karina Ng
8) The psychology of identity: the black refugee experience - Randa Price
9) Working with Pakistani Mothers in the community: an early intervention child mental health service - Alex Harborne
10) The diagnosis of autism: the experiences of West African parents - Sarah Took
11) Learning Difficulties: Distinguishing them from issues of language - Jan Carter and Jeune Guishard-Pine
Section 3 - Theories and suggestions for ways forward
12) Progressive African Caribbean masculinities: a challenge to domination - Taiwo Afuape
13) The virgin Father: psychological research with black fathers in Britain - Jeune Guishard-Pine
14) Walking in Jung's shadow? Black Rage and domestic abuse - Luke Daniels
15) User engagement and African Caribbean experience in child and family care service - Naomi Anna Watson
16) Self-evaluation by primary school aged children: an existential intervention - Yvonne Mills and Jeune Guishard-Pine
Section 4 - Contextualisation and experiences of racism
17) 'Blank darkness': the invisibility of black women in the history curriculum - Isis Guishard-Pine and Jeune Guishard-Pine
18) Looking back at being black and gay in school - Loyd Hamilton
19) Conclusion

Jeune Guishard-Pine

Jeune Guishard-Pine is a teacher, educational psychologist and psychotherapist.