In Safe Hands

Facilitating Service Learning in Schools in the Developing World

October 2008
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  • Publisher
    Trentham Books
  • Published
    13th October 2008
  • ISBN 9781858564166
  • Language English
  • Pages 190 pp.
  • Size 6.75" x 9.5"
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In Safe Hands describes the evolution of voluntary service learning for teachers in the developing world. Hope One World (HOW), a charity of Liverpool Hope University, has provided needs-based service education for teachers in SOS schools in Africa, India and Sri Lanka for 20 years.

The book is both uplifting and practical. Written by staff and students who took part in projects, it describes the inception of the charity and how it has developed. Each chapter starts with a pen portrait of a person who played a key role in a project, then discusses common issues such as: the collaborative development with Liverpool Hope staff of courses by the overseas teachers for their own staff; the opportunity for students to live in a safe environment for a month with the children and staff in schools in Africa, India or Sri Lanka and have a structured experience of work placement; accountability to the main funding agency; and HOW’s passionate engagement with issues of social justice.

Co-published by Trentham with Hope One World, winner of the Queen’s Anniversary Award for service learning.

Prologue—Keith Paterson; Introduction—Phil Bamber; PART 1: SOCIAL JUSTICE IN CONTEXT 1) Education to Service Rapid Economic Growth in India: A Discussion of Education in a Teacher Training College in Bangalore—Jean Clarkson; 2) Exploring African Teachers’ Aspirations and the Relevance of In-Service Workshops—Les Hankin; 3) South Africa—Inclusive Education—Nasima Hassan; PART 2: PARTNERSHIP (MODELS OF DELIVERY) 4) Creative Project Development: An Early Year’s Case Study , Sri Lanka—Naomi McLeod and Wendy Bignold; 5) Design Intervention: Curricular Supplementation, Public Art Making, Co-Operative Income Generation and Cultural Exchange—Richard Hooper; 6) The Evolving Role of British Students Working in an Indian School in Bhimtal—Lynda Richardson and Sue Cronin; 7) Putting HIV Where it Should be—In the Curriculum—Lorna Bourke and Alice Bennett; PART 3: LEARNING 8) Preparation for the Projects and Dissemination of Work—Mary Stevenson and Barry Grantham; 9) Teaching on Top of the World: The Purpose of Education in a Tibetan Children’s Village—Jean Clarkson; 10) Personal Accounts—Liz MacGarvey and Tony Edwards; 11) How to Think for a Change—Phil Bamber; Epilogue: Queen’s Anniversary Prize—Jean Clarkson; Bibliography; Index.

Jean Clarkson

Jean Clarkson is the Director of MA Education at Liverpool Hope University.

Phil Bamber

Phil Bamber is Senior Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University.

Lorna Bourke

Lorna Bourke is Senior Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University.