Evolving Creativity

New Pedagogies for Young Children in China

November 2008
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  • Publisher
    Trentham Books
  • Published
    10th November 2008
  • ISBN 9781858564043
  • Language English
  • Pages 192 pp.
  • Size 6.125" x 9.25"

This book challenges the assumption that creativity is culture-free. Fostering creativity in the young has gained unprecedented attention in China, one of the most vigorous world economies today. Using grounded data, this book examines Chinese kindergarten teachers’ interpretations of creativity in relation to their ideas of children’s learning and cognition. It discusses how their practice is influenced by their social and cultural environment, schooling experiences and professional training, and how these determine their interpretations of creativity and children’s learning.

The case studies presented here exemplify the ways in which Western pedagogy, believed to be effective in fostering creativity in children, is being implemented in parts of China. They show how the pedagogy is not merely transplanted but is interpreted and transformed according to Chinese social and cultural values. The relationship is explored between different pedagogical strategies and the development of cognition, abilities and skills in the next Chinese generation.

This book is for early years teachers, teacher educators and those interested in understanding the past and current pedagogies in teaching young children in China.

"Keang Vong's thoughtful book offers provocative food for reflection to practitioners, researchers and policy makers, whatever their own national context, in developing young children's learning and creativity."

Anna Craft - , Professor of Education, University of Exeter and The Open University, UK

Foreword; Introduction; 1) Educational reform and social development in two Chinese cities; 2) The bakcground to kindergarten education in old and new China; 3) Linking culture, creativity and pedagogical approaches; 4) A kindergarten in a city with two cultures; 5) Kindergartens in a city with a single culture; 6) Progressive pedagogical strategies; 7) Chinese practitioners' perspectives on the new pedagogies; 8) Chinese practitioners' views about creativity.

Keang-leng (Peggy) Vong

Keang-leng (Peggy) Vong earned her degrees in the US and the UK. The consultant for a kindergarten in China for seven years, she now teaches and researches at the Faculty of Education, University of Macau, with a special interest in Child Development and Early Childhood Education.