European Issues in Children's Identity & Citizenship Series Series

History Teaching, Identities, Citizenship

Edited by Alistair Ross and Luigi Cajani
April 2007
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  • Publisher
    Trentham Books
  • Published
    4th April 2007
  • ISBN 9781858563664
  • Language English
  • Pages 228 pp.
  • Size 5.75" x 8.75"

It is no accident that new regimes rewrite their history books. This collection by academics across Europe explores the relationship between models of history teaching, how they influence the building of collective and individual identities and civic education and, in particular, the impact on conflict resolution and intercultural education. The theoretical focus is on historical consciousness; the geographic focus is on Europe and its Mediterranean neighbors.

This is volume seven in the acclaimed series European Issues in Children’s Identity and Citizenship, published with the European Union Thematic Network Programme, Children's Identity and Citizenship. Timely and valuable for sociologists and educators, it examines the development and change in young people’s socialization in Europe as they come to understand their societies and those of their neighbors.

Series Introduction—Alistair Ross; Chapter Synopsis; 1) Introduction: Citizenship on the Verge of the 21st Century: The Burden of the Past, The Challenge of the Present—Luigi Cajani; 2) Memory, History and the Quest for the Future—Jörn Rüsen; 3) Changing Citizenship, Changing Educational Goals, changing School Subjects? An analysis of History and Geography Teaching in France—Nicole Tutiaux-Guillon; 4) Citizenship and nationality in History Teaching in Post-Communist Russia—Mirela-Luminita Murgescu and Catalina Mihalache; 5) History Teaching and the Education Citizen: The Case of History Teaching in the Greek Gymnasium—Panayota Papoulia-Tzelepi and Julia A. Spinthourakis; 6) History and Civic Education Teaching, Identities and Citizenship: A Case Study of Cyprus—Mary Koutselini; 7) The Contribution of History to Citizen Education: Historiographical analysis and Reflections on teaching Citizenship—Concha Maiztegui Oñate and Maria Jesús Cava Mesa; 8) People Meet History: A Swedish Television Production in a Medieval Milieu—Lars Berggren and Roger Johansson; 9) Leading Forward: The Experiences of Palestinians and Israelis in the Learning Each Other’s Historical Narratives Project—Sami Adwan and Dan Bar-On; Appendix, Notes on Contributors; References; Index.

Alistair Ross

Alistair Ross is at the Institute for Policy Studies in Education, University of North London.

Luigi Cajani

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