Another Spanner in the Works

Challenging Prejudice and Racism in Mainly White Schools

April 2006
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  • Publisher
    Trentham Books
  • Published
    25th April 2006
  • ISBN 9781858563473
  • Language English
  • Pages 110 pp.
  • Size 8.25" x 11.75"
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This book explores how teachers can challenge attitudes and work towards helping children in elementary schools develop skills such as acceptance, respect for diversity and openness and build an understanding of interdependence. Based on examples of good practice from mainly all white schools, it highlights the importance of attitude change within the context of mistrust of cultures seen to be ‘other’. The approaches and methods discussed in the case studies are relevant in classroom situations in schools that are not ethnically diverse.

The book moves on from the acclaimed "Spanner in the Works", produced in predominantly White Cumbria, in the UK., and published by Trentham ten years ago, to take account of new ideas and a new global scenario. It offers a mix of stories of effective practice in White schools, and practical sections on, for instance, uncovering the attitudes held by teachers, superintendants, support staff and children and their perceptions of other countries. Like its predecessor, it will have relevance in White areas far beyond its locality of origin.

"I found some of the best ideas I’ve encountered for exploring ‘them and us’ thinking and how that builds into prejudice: materials that will have an application on all schools, whether mono or multicultural."

- Times Educational Supplement

Eleanor Knowles

Eleanor Knowles is Centre Officer for Cumbria Development Education Centre and editor of One World Linking for the UK One World Linking Association.

Wendy Ridley

Wendy Ridley is Advisory Teacher for antiracism and multicultural issues and for Religious Studies in Cumbria’s elementary schools.