Role Reconsidered

The Relationship Between Acting and Teacher-in-Role

December 2004
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  • Publisher
    Trentham Books
  • Published
    10th December 2004
  • ISBN 9781858563107
  • Language English
  • Pages 154 pp.
  • Size 5.75" x 9"
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Teacher-in-role is ripe for re-evaluation and Judith Ackroyd’s research into the concept is valid, exciting and challenging. She uses her theoretical investigation to show that the orthodox position that makes a strict distinction between teacher-in-role and acting can no longer be sustained. Teachers working in role are acting.

The case is argued by critiquing and deconstructing the teacher-in-role work of well-known education practitioners, notably Dorothy Heathcote, then applyng the same systematised approach to a famous actor acting. Like Zarilli, Dr Ackroyd argues that definitions applied to the dramatic art form have to accommodate diverse and developing practices because arts practices do not stand still.

This reconsideration of role has urgent implications for the training of drama teachers. The author makes clear how her theoretical position impacts on classroom practice. And her examples of practice designed by leaders in the field provide materials for teachers to use in the classroom.

The new understanding of teacher-in-role as acting provided in this book will have a liberating effect on classroom practice. Role Reconsidered will be essential reading for teachers and teacher educators and for all those who follow developments in the field of drama.

Judith Ackroyd

Judith Ackroyd is Dean of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Regent’s College, London.