Punch Above Your Weight!

How to Succeed at Whatever You Want to Do

September 2015
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  • Published
    8th September 2015
  • ISBN 9781854188656
  • Language English
  • Pages 240 pp.
  • Size 5.75" x 8.75"

We live in a world where the entrepreneurial and enterprise mindset is becoming increasingly important for individuals to achieve success on a personal and organizational level. Gone are the days when the average person can aim to go to college or university, obtain qualifications and then be guaranteed a “job for life”. Such a thing does not exist in our world today.

Punch Above Your Weight! addresses the important idea that in reality each one of us can be thought of as a business. In order to survive and be successful we each have a need to undertake personal marketing and sales activity in terms of our ideas and possible contributions, and to be productive in whatever form that takes.

Read this book as a way to help you set your personal direction and focus your efforts in a balanced way so that you live a life of wellbeing and achieve the success which you desire and which you deserve.

"The book is an excellent read, especially for those who are interested in gaining a proper overview of some of the most important tools one can use in order to grow as a person."

Steve Mueller, Founder of Planet of Success

"....this book will be a very powerful tool in developing business growth both in the United Kingdom and internationally."

Lord Nazir Ahmed, Founder - , All Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship

"This book brings together many ideas from diverse sources including his own thinking and it will put many people on the right path towards becoming successful in both their business and their lives."

Jonathan O’Brien - , Positive Purchasing Limited

John Potter

John Potter is an experienced speaker, consultant and trainer who has worked with many cultures around the world as a leadership development specialist. He has coauthored three books on leadership and one on the psychology of terrorism. His training work has ranged from corporate executives and public sector leaders to salespeople, military personnel and hostage negotiators.