Managing Climate Risk

A Practical Guide for Business

Edited by Adam Jolly
August 2008
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    4th August 2008
  • ISBN 9781854186027
  • Language English
  • Pages 334 pp.
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Climate change poses a serious threat to the continuity and prosperity of organizations: serious disruption in business activities and a permanent cut in output.

This important book explains how organizations can: reduce their exposure to direct threats; improve their efficiency; and learn how to gain from shifts in the way their markets operate. In a clear, informative style it explores: techniques for identifying climate risks and systems for managing them; how to prepare for contingencies caused by extreme weather changes; options for controlling emissions and improving resource efficiency; how to find alternative sources of energy and minimize waste; smarter working practices, flexible travel plans and greener buildings; and how an innovative response can strengthen the brand.

PART 1: THE CASE FOR ACTION 1) Keeping Weather on the Corporate Radar; 2) Projections of Climate Change; 3) Getting the Energy Mix Right for the UK; 4) Brand Values; 5) Regulatory Control and Legislation; 6) Green Taxes; PART 2: PLANNING A RESPONSE 7) Investment Potential; 8) Enterprise Risk; 9) Rethinking Carbon; 10) Climate Change: The Starting Point; 11) Energy Efficiency; 12) Consumer Trust; 13) Accounting for Climate Change; PART 3: MANAGING PHYSICAL RISKS 15) Adapting to Climate Change; 16) Natural Hazards; 17) Flooding; PART 4: EMISSIONS CONTROL 18 How Carbon Markets are Working; 19) Greenhouse Gas Reporting; 20) The EU Emissions Trading Scheme; 21) The Voluntary Carbon Market; 22) Capturing Carbon; PART 5: ENERGY USE 23) Renewable Energy in Business; 24) Enterprise Energy and Carbon Reduction; 25) Renewable Energy Solutions; 26) Planning for Renewables; PART 6: PRODUCT LIFECYCLES 27) Design for Climate; 28) Funding for Clean Technologies; 29) Carbon Footprinting; 30) Waste Management; 31) Electrical Waste; PART 7 TRANSPORT 32) Travel Plans; 33) Alternative Fuels for Vehicles; 34) Green Fleets; PART 8: GREEN BUILDINGS 35) Zero Carbon Development; 36) Green Buildings; 37) Energy Performance Certificates; 38) Save Money Through Better Windows; 39) LED Lighting Technology; Index of Contributors.

Adam Jolly

Adam Jolly writes regularly for many leading financial and technical journals. He is editor of The Growing Business Handbook and co-author of The International Patents Handbook and The Pension Trustee’s Investment Guide.