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Waste Management

The New Legislative Climate

Spiral bound
January 2006
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    2nd January 2006
  • ISBN 9781854183675
  • Language English
  • Pages 100 pp.
  • Size 8.25" x 11.75"

This valuable new report explains what all the new UK legislation, directives and regulations mean in practice and what you need to do to stay within the law.

Recent far-reaching changes to the law and practice affect everyone—commerce and industry, central and local government, householders. This report is written for officers and managers in both the public and private sectors responsible for: waste management; environmental management; pollution management; and contaminated land management.

Policy framework · Principles of environmental and waste legislation · UK policy · Achieving the objectives 2 Overview of waste regulation · Definition of waste · Permitting and licensing of waste facilities · Duty of care and fly-tipping · Other recent legislation with relevance to waste 3 Hazardous waste · Introduction · Hazardous waste arisings · What is hazardous waste? · Duties under the hazardous waste regulations 4 Landfill regulations and their impact · Introduction · Overview of the landfill directive · The co-disposal ban and the 'hazardous waste crisis' · Waste acceptance criteria (WAC) · Technical details of the WAC · Characterisation, testing and sampling (WAP) · Conclusion 5 Producer responsibility · General principles · Packaging · End-of-life vehicles · Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) 6 Local authorities and municipal waste · Local authority responsibilities · Local authorities and the landfill directive · Landfill allowances and trading scheme (LATS) · Implication of landfill diversion targets · Changes to planning principles

Caroline Hand

Caroline Hand is a writer and lecturer on environmental legislation and policy, specializing in waste management. She is Consultant Editor of Croner's Waste Management information service and has been responsible for providing the quarterly updates since 1992. Together with Jeff Cooper of the Environment Agency, she also gives regular seminars on waste management for Croner Training. Her previous responsibilities include two years as Specialist Assistant to the House of Commons Environment Committee.