Out of the Box Marketing

September 2005
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  • Published
    27th September 2005
  • ISBN 9781854183125
  • Language English
  • Pages 260 pp.
  • Size 6.25" x 9.25"

How to skyrocket your profits--this treasure trove of a book is crammed full of time-tested strategies and techniques to help you to get more customers, get more out of your customers and to keep them coming back for more. This really is the ultimate, hands-on, 'paint by numbers' guide to help you achieve rapid business success.

This book gives you countless proven, powerful and profitable ways to build your bottom-line profits faster, quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

"David Abingdon is certainly an 'out of the box' marketing phenomenon! In the almost 10 years I have known him he has built 3 multi-million pound sterling organisations from scratch, using the methodologies and precepts in this new book. His writings are simple and straightforward, yet extremely powerful. He writes in a way that you will find easy to understand and implement. I have personally seen people use these guidelines to change their lives starting from nothing. I can't recommend what is written in these pages strongly enough for anyone looking for a step-by-step road map to making significant amounts of money and building a successful business! Tell someone you would like to assist in their business to buy this book and you will make a friend for life!"

Dan Pena, Business Mentor & Chairman, The Guthrie Group

"If you want to make money in business, this unique book can help 'anyone' of average business ability to become a 'someone' of staggering business capability and success. David Abingdon is an amazing entrepreneur who has notched up some very impressive business successes. Here, for the first time ever, he reveals an insight into the mentality that has made him and those he has worked with, a veritable fortune. More importantly, he shares many of the powerful techniques he used to make it. No matter what business you are in or want to start, this book will give you the keys to the treasure that's hiding inside every business. You'd better read this book before your competitors do!"

Peter Sun, M.D., Australia's Marketeer & Better Business Institute


1. Maximizing your success
Getting to where you really want to be
Where do you want to be?
Defining yourself
Transcend yourself
Get passionate, have fun, take a big risk
Now ask yourself: do you need a “moment of truth”

2. High octane marketing
19 ways to supercharge your sales
Finding your phantom money and making it real
Concentrate on the best customers
“Stand on the shoulders of giants!”
Your unique selling proposition
More on being different – positioning
Endorsements – how to get a flood of new business
Direct mail
Ads that you can get for free and that out-pull by 2,000%!
Whatever you do, don’t waste time!
Remove the risk, and they’ll buy
Want an ad that’s 500% more effective? Then test!
What you can learn from a farmer
Looking for your market? Go where they go!
Your customer has no money? No problem!
Go ahead – break it!
They go away quietly
Didn’t ask for it, didn’t pay for it, but they got it anyway
Seven ways to turn shoppers into buyers
The power of being 1st... and being 2nd!

3. Joint marketing
Call it anything you want – strategic alliance, joint venture, fusion marketing, host-beneficiary deals, co-op marketing – as long as you do it!

4. Gold marketing principles
Long copy outsells short copy
The free phone call, the discount coupon
A picture is not worth a thousand words
Avoid “Glittering Generalities”
Positive outsells negative
A sales letter must look like a letter
Sell solutions
The law of repetition
Customers come first
It”s perception, not product
Free advertising is a must
Use salt to make them thirsty
Hit close to home
Never underestimate the intelligence of the buyer
Why not bribe them?
The very best investment: yourself!
Combining marketing tools multiplies their power

5. Winning with e-commerce
Your website
Netting the market
Getting them to stay and come back
Know the on-line market
On-line marketing must be highly interactive
Make it easy for them
“Long copy” is key
Be wary of time distortion
More blurred lines
You are no longer limited by size
Keep it narrow
Remain customer oriented
Use a light touch
You must deliver fast and efficiently
A web marketer never rests
Some final suggestions

6. Fast cash
Ways to boost cash when business is slow
Bring dead inventory to life
Massage your loyal customers
Now a deal for everyone else
Sell paper
Gift vouchers
The “preferred customer” strategy
A cash boosting strategy that hurts but works

7. 112 brainstorm marketing ideas for your business
CD-ROM catalogues
On-line catalogues
Placemats in restaurants
Personal letters
Inbound telemarketing
Outgoing calls
Matchbook advertising
Breakfast seminars
Private unveilings
Personalized letters
Loss leaders
House to house canvassing
Supermarket boards
Point of sales advertising
Cross promotions/selling
Bag stuffers
Direct sales people
Banner signs
Centres of influence
Gift baskets
Invitation only events
On-vehicle advertising
Per enquiry ads
Public speaking
Cinema ads
Classified ads
Radio ads
Newspaper ads
TV advertising
Affinity sales
Sponsored events
Store window displays
Special reports
Press releases
Magazine ads
Co-op advertising
Celebrity endorsements
Customer mailing lists
800 numbers
Petrol pump ads
Yellow Pages
Balloons and other flying ads
T-shirt ads
Statement stuffers
Voice mail
Fax marketing, fax selling
Radio/TV interviews
TV infomercials
Gift vouchers
Newsletter inserts
Magazine inserts
Newspaper inserts
In-package advertising
Package advertising
Bumper stickers
Letters to editors
Taxi ads
Newspaper/magazine columns
Direct mail
Associate e-marketing
Piggy-back mailings
Joint ventures
Endorsed mailings
Sponsor community service
Prize draws
Audio cassettes/CD ROMs/DVDs
Video cassettes/CD ROMs/DVDs
Magazine articles
Advertorials (long copy ads)
On-hold messages
Business cards as ads
Trade show booths
Flea market stands
TV talk shows
Correspondence course
Personal sales contacts
Party plans
Interviews on audio/video
Association memberships

David Abington

David Abington has, in recent years, taken three enterprises from zero to multi-million pound successful ventures - each in less than 12 months. David is now CEO of the Quantum Organization, a worldwide consulting group.