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Reviewing and Changing Contracts of Employment Edition 2

Spiral bound
January 2005
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  • Publisher
  • Published
    1st January 2005
  • ISBN 9781854182968
  • Language English
  • Pages 200 pp.
  • Size 8.25" x 11.75"

This new report will ensure that you have a total grip on what should be in a contract and what should not. It explains step-by-step how to achieve changes in the contract of employment without causing costly problems and enable you to protect clients' sensitive business information. It also enhances your understanding of potential conflict areas and your ability to manage disputes effectively.

The Report offers expert advice on: creating the contract of employment; reviewing and changing the contract; collective agreements; practical drafting considerations; confidentiality and post-termination restrictions; industrial action.

Creating the contract of employment; Reviewing and changing the contract of employment; Collective agreements; Practical drafting considerations; Confidentiality and post termination restrictions; Changing the contract; Industrial action.

Annelise Phillips

Annelise Phillips is a Partner in the HR Group at Eversheds. She practices in all aspects of employment law, including strategic issues such as managing change and large-scale restructuring. Particular areas of expertise include discrimination law and cross-border change management/executive terminations. She is the co-author of several published works.

Thomas Player

Thomas Player is an associate in the HR Team at Eversheds. He is an experienced labor and employment lawyer with wide experience of complex re-organizational issues and collective redundancies.

Paula Rome

Paula Rome is a member of the Eversheds HR Training and Development Team. She develops and provides training on legal and HR issues for clients in the UK and Europe.