Exit Right

Achieving a Golden Goodbye by Realising the Maximum Value for Your Business

September 2004
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  • Published
    1st September 2004
  • ISBN 9781854182449
  • Language English
  • Pages 145 pp.
  • Size 6.25" x 9.25"

A clear and canny explanation of all the steps required to maximize your profit on selling all or part of your business: deciding on the route and timing, how to choose advisers, grooming your business for sale, valuing the business, finding prospective purchasers, negotiating the sale, steering safely to completion and how to eliminate losses before selling.

Who will benefit from reading this book?
This book will benefit business owners, executives, accountants and lawyers likely to find themselves involved in selling a company. Equally, anyone involved in buying a private company will obtain a valuable insight into the way vendors and their advisers approach a sale.

How to consider the options
An earn-out deal
Management buy-outs and buy-ins
The sale of a minority stake
Stock market flotation
A transfer to the next family generation
Executive summary

How to choose the time to sell
Timing risks
Timing opportunities
The overall time required
Executive summary

How to choose and use professional advisers
Corporate finance advisers
Business brokers
Tax advisors
Executive summary

How to groom your company for sale
Essential preliminaries
Optional preliminaries
What to sell
Good housekeeping
Separating out a subsidiary or division
Enhancing shareholder value
Executive summary

How to handle unsolicited approaches
Approach by an intermediary
Direct approach by a prospective purchaser
Before making an approach to prospective purchasers
Executive summary

How to value a business for sale
The fundamentals of valuing a business
Valuation criteria and factors
Executive summary

How to find and handle prospective purchasers
Find first, contact later
Giving an asking price
Handling purchaser visits
Executive summary

How to negotiate a deal
The deal format
Negotiating the deal
Timetable to legal completion
Overseas residency
Executive summary

How to handle legal completion
Timetable to completion
Executive summary

How to eliminate losses before selling
The first day
The first week
The first month
The second month
Months three to six
Executive summary

Barrie Pearson

Barrie Pearson is Executive Chairman of Livingstone Group Guarantee plc, based in London. He provides practical help and advice to clients ranging from multinational groups to private companies, in the areas of corporate strategy, acquisitions, disposals, buy-outs and corporate finance.