Gurus on Marketing

November 2003
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    1st November 2003
  • ISBN 9781854182432
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one stop résumé of the major gurus who have had a critical influence on marketing thinking and development.

This is much more than just a series of summaries, Sultan has worked directly with many of the figures in this book. It's enabled him to summarize, contrast and comment on the key concepts with knowledge, depth and insight.

He describes the key ideas of each guru, places them in context and explains their significance. He shows you how they've been applied in practice, looks at their pros and cons and includes the view of other expert writers. He ends each chapter with a summary of key elements and lessons to take on board.

The gurus covered in detail include:
Peter Drucker
Theodore Levitt
Michael Porter
Philip Kotler
Tom Peters
George Day
Jagdish Sheth
Thomas Nagle


The relationship between strategy and marketing
The influence of the gurus
Heavyweight gurus
Lightweight gurus
Plan of the book

ONE The fundamentals of marketing
The evolution of marketing
Key marketing concepts
A to Z of marketing

TWO Peter Drucker
Why include him as a marketing guru?
Where does Peter Drucker come in?
The customer as the decision-maker
What do marketing gurus and writers
say about Drucker’s contribution to marketing?
Drucker’s key publications
At the feet of Peter Drucker: Lessons learnt
THREE Theodore Levitt
Marketing myopia
Production Life Cycle
The globalisation of markets
At the feet of Theodore Levitt: Lessons learnt

FOUR Michael Porter
Porter’s Five Forces and marketing
How to conduct competitors’ analysis
Porter’s Value Chain and marketing
Porter’s generic strategies
Differentiation and segmentation
Porter’s National Diamond
Porter’s key publications
At the feet of Michael Porter: Lessons learnt

FIVE Philip Kotler
Kotler on marketing management
Importance and nature of marketing
Analysing the market environment
Developing, testing and launching new products and services
Kotler’s perspective on strategic marketing
Kotler’s key publications
At the feet of Philip Kotler: Lessons learnt

SIX Tom Peters
Close to the customer
Service obsession
Quality obsession
Listening to the customers
Closing remarks: A controversy
Peter’s on marketing and marketing issues
The pursuit of WOW!
Service with soul
Peter’s key publications
At the feet of Tom Peters: Lessons learnt

SEVEN George Day
Day on strategic marketing planning
His contribution on market-driven strategy
Why do some companies succeed at customer relationship management (and many fail)?
Day’s conclusions
The ‘Red Queen’ syndrome
Day’s key publications
At the feet of George Day: Lessons learnt

EIGHT Jagdish Sheth
Sheth’s views on industrial buying decisions
At the feet of Jagdish Sheth: Lessons learnt

NINE Thomas T. Nagle
Nagle on pricing
At the feet of Thomas Nagle: Lessons learnt

TEN Gurus and strategic analytical tools
Ansoff’s Matrix
Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategies
Boston Consulting Group – Product Portfolio Matrix
General Electric Strategic Planning Matrix
Shell Directional Policy Matrix
SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis
Scanning the external environment: (STEP) factors
Scenario planning

EVEN Further information
Suggested reading
Useful websites

Sultan Kermally

Sultan Kermally is a 'Chartered Marketer' and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He has degrees in Economics, Sociology and Law and Diplomas in Marketing and Finance and Accounting.