Dynamic Practice Development

Selling Skills and Techniques for the Professions

October 2003
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    1st October 2003
  • ISBN 9781854182326
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There are several books about promoting your practice, but nothing about selling it--with which many professionals feel uncomfortable. The book fills the gap.

This is a much-needed book which addresses the unique concerns of professionals who wish to sell their services successfully and to feel comfortable about doing so.

"Comprehensive, well written and very readable... this is a super book so go and buy it as it is well worth the money."

Richard Oakes, Eversheds (in Professional Marketing International magazine)

"A useful contribution to the management of professional firms."

- Journal of the Law Society of Scotland


ONE: Introduction
Objectives of the book
How to use this book
Why do professionals dislike selling?
The context of client relationship management (CRM)
The art and science of selling
Cultural differences
The importance of needs
Why you should have a coherent marketing strategy

TWO: Marketing planning
Understanding the basic principles of marketing
So what is selling?
Different levels of marketing planning
A marketing framework
Analysing your present situation (A marketing audit or situational analysis)
Deciding what works for you
Agreeing a strategy
Implementing your plan

THREE: What is selling?
What makes a good salesperson?
Why is selling different for the professions?
What is a professional?
Consumer versus Business-to-Business sales

FOUR: Adopting the buyer’s point of view: An introduction
to buyer behaviour and relevant psychology
Cultural styles
Emotional intelligence (EQ)
Life cycle
Group dynamics
Buying situations
Organisational buying behaviour
Buying criteria

FIVE: Selling frameworks and models
Introducing the sales cycle
Classical models
Consultative or process models
Strategic selling®

SIX Selling skills
Setting objectives
Cold calling
Conversational skills
Following up
Building trust
Non-verbal communication
Writing skills
Presentation skills
Persuading – features and benefits
Handling objections
Direct approaches

SEVEN: Competitive tendering
Common mistakes
Elements of a competitive tender
The need for a framework
Using the framework
1 To bid or not to bid?
2 Who will manage the bid preparation?
3 What do you do at initial client contact meetings?
4 What does the client really want?
5 What selling strategy should you adopt?
6 What price should you quote?
7 How will you do the work if you win?
8 How do you write the bid document?
9 How do you produce and publish the bid document?
10 How do you prepare the oral presentation?
11 When do you ask for the business?
12 What have you learnt?

EIGHT: Account management
Part one – The business rationale
Why account management?
The objectives of account management
How account management fits into day-to-day life
Key elements of the account management process
Part two – Taking action
Establishing the account team
Role of the account partner
Role of the account manager
Qualities and attributes of account partners and managers
The first meeting
Assessing the client’s satisfaction
External service reviews
Internal service reviews
Client satisfaction surveys
Relationship management

NINE: Firm-wide issues on selling
Managing change
Business and marketing strategy
Involvement of junior staff
Time and recognition
Role models
Feast and famine
Ethics and professionalism
Loyalty to individuals versus loyalty to the firm
Systems to support selling

1 Sales jargon buster
2 Useful sales related books
Specifically for the professions
Selling frameworks
For experienced sales people
Selling skills
Account management
Non verbal communication/Psychology
3 Self-appraisal of service performance
4 Internal service review questionnaire and example questions
Checklist of open-ended question probes
5 Full account management plan
6 Summary account management plan
7 Checklist: Are you ready to sell?

Kim Tasso

Kim Tasso is an independent consultant, specialising in the professional services sector, with over 20 years' marketing experience. Her clients include The Law Society, Olswang, Weatherall Green & Smith and Osborne Clarke.