The Concise Adair on Communication and Presentation Skills

November 2003
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  • Published
    1st November 2003
  • ISBN 9781854182289
  • Language English
  • Pages 120 pp.
  • Size 6.25" x 9.25"

There are many books on communcation. Few writers, however, share John Adair's wide experience of management and leadership development in both business and military spheres, which adds a rarely found depth and insight to hard-edged practical techniques.

John Adair's books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. This book encapsulates his writing on the art and skills of effective communcation. You will find it equally valuable whether you are beginning your career or looking for an expert refresher course.


Defining communication

Issues in communication
Personal communication skills checklist


Reading skills

Writing skills
How to keep it simple

Arguing/discussion in communication
How to get it wrong

Speaking and presentation skills
Effective speaking
Presentation skills

One-to-one interviews
The skill of asking the right question

Managing meetings

Within your organisation

Effective speaking in briefings
Briefing skills
Briefing the individual
Briefing checklist

Coaching and communication
Understanding coaching
Deciding what type of coaching is needed
Expert coaching
Self-help communication improvement plan

Personal reminders
Now test yourself
Checklist: putting the principles of communication to work

1 Quotes about communication skills
2 Examples of good and bad communication
Examples of good communication
Examples of bad communication – the charge of the Light Brigade
How not to deal with redundancies
3 Tricks of the trade
Professional performers
Hints from professional communicators

John Adair

John Adair is widely acknowledged as one of the most significant influences on management and leadership development in the world. He studied history at Cambridge University and holds higher degrees from the Universities of Oxford and London. He became the world's first Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Surrey and is internationally known as a consultant. He is the author of many respected books on management and leadership.

Neil Thomas

Neil Thomas has written three novels, but Spy Without a Cause is the first to deal with government agents, crooked regimes, bent businessmen, femme fatales, and sharp tax experts.

His first novel was All Through the Night, a Welsh Western rooted in the 1790s, and his second was Keeping the Lid On, a dark story set in a small private school in the early 2000s.