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Public Affairs Techniques for Business

Spiral bound
July 1998
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  • Published
    6th July 1998
  • ISBN 9781854181756
  • Language English
  • Pages 110 pp.
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Public affairs is a tool that enables us to steer a way around an imminent disaster or to alert policy makers that something must be done to minimise its effect. It is also a route to avoiding that trouble in the first place. Furthermore, public affairs is now an essential component of any successful company's strategy for communicating effectively and protecting market share.

This Report shows in practical terms how you can counter potential threats through a professionally structured and implemented public affairs campaign. Today's successful companies recognise that in order to survive and prosper a comprehensive and disciplined approach to public affairs is no longer just a useful asset, it is now a necessity.

Public affairs techniques for business; The importance of the public affairs programme; Issues management; Threats and issues in a public affairs context; Understanding what to do and preparing for war; Audience management; The role of consultants; The importance of alliance building; Background briefings and position papers; Low level activity; Political systems--the importance of sound appreciation; The creation of the political message; The people to involve in issues management; Techniques for proactive campaigns; Where PR and the other bits fit in...; Choosing external agencies to support you; An imaginary public affairs example.

Peter Wynne-Davies

Peter Wynne-Davies was Public Affairs Manager for BT and Head of Corporate Relations for the Post Office. He was involved in a number of international ventures for BT and played a major role in getting both organizations to plan for developments in Europe and in the UK as a result of devolution. Peter is now a public affairs consultant and writer on political and business matters.