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Analyse Your Business

A Performance Health Check

Spiral bound
July 1998
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  • Published
    30th July 1998
  • ISBN 9781854181701
  • Language English
  • Pages 101 pp.
  • Size 8.25" x 11.75"

It takes skill to transform a business. As a corporate leader, you need to know whether a symptom of ill-health is a sign of serious trouble or just a localised difficulty in need of a little attention. This briefing offers the tools and techniques for company-wide analysis and is essential reading for business leaders responsible for corporate performance. Its purpose is to put minor issues into perspective and discourage the use of quick fix solutions for bigger problems.

Eight Management Essentials; The Management Health Check; Transforming Your Business; Vision and Planning; Commitment to Quality Standards; Leadership; Decision Making; Finance; Marketing; Communication; Information Technology.

Carol O'Connor

Carol O'Connor is founder and director of Vision in Practice Limited, a London based consultancy specialising in leadership development, business strategy and team building.