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Employer's Liability and Industrial Diseases Edition 2

Spiral bound
July 1999
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  • Published
    1st July 1999
  • ISBN 9781854181688
  • Language English
  • Pages 139 pp.
  • Size 8.25" x 11.75"

Levels of damages in employers' liability claims have risen faster than inflation. In fact, they are hitting startling levels and the upward spiral is continuing. No one concerned with EL claims can afford to fall short of the knowledge and expertise required to handle such claims effectively. There is too much to lose on both sides of every such claim.

The second edition of this Report is a must-have, must-read for all those responsible for advising not only insured and insurers but also claimants. It includes the latest information on the compulsory insurance regulations of 1998. Fred Collins combines knowledge of the legal and technical issues with invaluable guidance on evaluation and action in practice. The Report assesses and analyses employers' liability in all practical aspects.

The duties of an employer
The statutory duties of an employer
Industrial diseases and the causes
The investigation of disease claims
Limitation in relation to employers liability
Employers liability insurance
Compulsory insurance provisions
Agreements and understandings
Compensations and damages
Defences and the handling of claims
Litigation procedure
Claims estimating
Current problems in EL insurance

Fred Collins

Fred Collins Since retirement Fred Collins has been engaged in consultancy work, including training. He has participated in many seminars and conferences and has contributed articles to a number of publications. Fred is the Editor of Kluwers Handbook of Motor Insurance and is a contributor to the Handbook of Insurance. He was, until recently, a member of the Council of the Insurance Ombudsman Bureau and has been a member of the Legal Aid Board. He is the author of Employer's Liability and Industrial Diseases also published by Hawksmere.