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Understanding SMART Procurement in the MOD

Spiral bound
February 2000
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    1st February 2000
  • ISBN 9781854181640
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  • Pages 90 pp.
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The main thrust of this Report is on issues to do with strategy, organization and processes.

The single most encouraging and exciting feature of the SMART procurement initiative is that it embraces the need to change the culture. Riding on the back of New Labour is a commitment within the high political echelon of the MoD to make this change happen. Probably the greatest single challenge is to ensure that this commitment is maintained through the inevitable changes of personality at the political and senior management level.

Introduction; SMART procurement guide--background and introduction; SMART procurement guide--main elements; Smarter contracts; Contract incentives; Summary and conclusion.

Tim Boyce

Tim Boyce has been involved in contract management for over 20 years and is commercial manager for one of the UK's largest electronics companies. He is the author of The Commercial Engineer, Successful Contract Administration and Successful Contract Negotiation.