Customer Relationship Management

How to Turn a Good Business into a Great One!

February 2001
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    20th February 2001
  • ISBN 9781854181190
  • Language English
  • Pages 230 pp.
  • Size 6.25" x 9.25"

Every customer is an individual with a choice. The role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to ensure that each first-time buyer becomes an ongoing client, and every client a self-perpetuating advocate of your business.

This book explains the elements of CRM and how to establish an integrated customer relationship-oriented approach in your organisation. How, in a word, to become a business where every customer's need is not just provided for but anticipated.

Chapter one Customer relationship management demystified
What is customer relationship management?
The four steps to relationship management
What this looks like in an organisation
Not just another marketing trick
The business case

Chapter two Why do customers defect?
Why are customers lost?
Complacency, not competition, kills customers
The service economy

Chapter three The economics of customer care
Know what your customers are worth
Customer value calculation
Building a loyal relationship
Exercise: Customer dynamics
Customer attrition and retention
Exit questionnaires
Customer service surveys
How to keep a customer for life

Chapter four Defining customer service excellence
Nothing impresses like competence
A customer service model

Chapter five Achieving service excellence
Exercise: The customer experience
The customer interaction cycle
Sample worksheet – options and expectations
Partner exercise – process mapping
Handling challenging situations

Chapter six Managing for customer satisfaction
The differences between a traditional manager and a customer-focused manager

Chapter seven Customer-focused selling and marketing skills
The three principles of customer-focused selling
The customer’s buying steps
Customer-focused prospecting
Making a good first impression on first time sales calls
Progressing the call
Customer-focused selling skills
Handling objections, queries and concerns
The objection handling process
Exploring needs
High-impact questions
Understanding the buying criteria and the customer’s buying process
Exploring and developing options
Proposing and closing

Chapter eight Connecting with customers in the digital age
Interactive media marketing
How are companies striving to win customers over to this new medium?
Identifying the right data
Finding the true worth of a customer
What is segmentation?
Developing a marketing database
Loyalty schemes

Chapter nine The ten keys to outstanding customer service
1. Whatever it is you do – do it fast
2. Positive communications
3. The personal touch
4. Keeping customers
5. Turn complaints into opportunities
6. Create ‘moment’s of truth’
7. Exceed expectations
8. Systems are as important as smiles
9. Follow-up and follow through
10. Deliver!
Define your job in terms of adding value to customers

Chapter ten Worksheets, exercises and action plans
Customer service examples
Defining excellent customer service
Barriers to service excellence
Gap analysis
How you resolve customer problems
Complaints as opportunities
Barriers to change
Overcoming resistance to change
Increasing your customer awareness
Estimating lifetime value
Complaint resolution
Call centre checklist
Customer commitment survey
Customer feedback analysis
Integrating products
The integrated product
Customer service business plan
The cost of poor service
Customer dynamics
Management discussion points
Sales development discussion points and questions

Graham Roberts-Phelps

Graham Roberts-Phelps is an international specialist consultant in business and personal development, sharing his ideas and insights with thousands of people and organizations every year. With an extensive background in management and business development, Graham works with organisations of many different types and sizes.