Companies Don't Succeed--People Do!

Ideas to Create Profits Through People

October 2000
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    30th October 2000
  • ISBN 9781854181091
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Positive, provoking and profit-driven, here are over 100 ideas to challenge your preconceptions and to help you build your business to be stronger, fitter and quicker.

1 Encourage your customers to be unreasonable
2 Give your customers the benefit of the doubt
3 Encourage your customers to complain
4 Develop a customer retention programme
5 Close the customer service department
6 Getting and keeping customers
7 Customer satisfaction is not satisfactory
8 The answer is “yes!”
9 Ways to stay close to your customers
10 What are others doing?
11 How to serve your customers well
12 Free market research
13 Realities of customer-driven service
14 The customer is not always right
15 Carefully manage your customer expectations: then exceed them
16 Wash your dirty laundry in private
17 How much can a junior spend to keep a customer?
18 Love is… cuddling your clients
19 The three “R”s of customer service

20 If it ain’t broke – try breaking it
21 Benchmark the best, not the average
22 Good companies are led by visionary champions of change
23 Changing your corporate culture
24 Creative thinking – Disney style!
25 Add one question to the agenda
26 Your tired old product may only need a new category
27 The enemy within
28 People buy people first and whatever else second
29 How to have instant ideas
30 Own one word in the customer’s mind
31 The 30 per cent rule
32 The early bird catches the worm
33 What are your service standards?
34 Making sales at all costs can cost you all you make
35 The liquidation list
36 Make every encounter count
37 Details don’t make deals
38 Asked any stupid questions lately?
39 Selling a “people programme” to the board
40 Kaizen

41 Rise and shine
42 E-mail
43 No more monkey-management
44 Priorities and strengths
45 The KISS principle
46 Boost your profits with Pareto’s Law
47 How to use time profitably
48 Play BANJO everyday
49 Have you got a “ring, ring, ring” through your nose?
50 How to put off procrastinating
51 Reduce the time you spend in meetings
52 Can you pass the measles test?

53 Trust
54 Create champions of change
55 How to make people twice as good at their jobs
56 Management by walking about
57 Set quarterly budgets – not annual
58 Develop an employee attrition programme
59 ACHIEVE – Performance review method
60 Adopt a ‘buddy’ principle
61 Organising your organisation – 1
62 Organising your organisation – 2
63 Holidays
64 Where you can stick your stick
65 Get more complaints
66 Responsibility
67 Eliminate excuses
68 What makes an extraordinary company?
69 Free PR
70 Delegation, empowerment and unemployment
71 How to get paid for having fun
72 Act as if you own the company
73 Recruitment and the imperfect person
74 Company policy
75 Team meetings
76 Let people appraise themselves
77 The 50 per cent rule
78 Nothing impresses like competence
79 Lead by vision and values, not commands
80 Involve people in order to commit them
81 Communicate more, not less
82 Rewarding yourself
83 Creative recruitment
84 Creative questions for interviews
85 Starting off new team members

86 Understanding what motivates people
87 Motivation is personal
88 Daily motivational strategies
89 Ms or Mr Motivator
90 Unlock the potential of your people
91 How to win friends and influence people
92 Simple gestures count the most
93 Carrots v sticks
94 Beware of “employee of the month” programmes
95 Gainsharing
96 The power of “I”s
97 ASAP-cubed: How to give effective praise

98 How to be the life and soul of your business
99 Let’s take the helicopter view
100 Ten keys to greater personal success
101 Ten ways to get your own way
102 Two ears and one mouth
103 Assume you have absolute authority
104 Don’t just get promoted, get famous
105 Be a winner, not a loser
106 Be positive
107 Don’t waste energy worrying and blaming
108 Cultivate the habit of going the extra mile
109 When in doubt – think what a failure would do and do the opposite
110 Decide to be outstanding
111 Be a progressive thinker
112 Don’t ever quit
113 Learn to really listen
114 Questioning techniques
115 Life lessons
116 The argument against arguments
117 Self-reference is no reference
118 Asked any good questions?
119 Just do it
120 How to use averages to achieve more than the average
121 Don’t be a jack of all trades
122 Variety is the spice of life
123 Stop “municating”
124 Managing to be remembered
125 Be positive for a day
126 Be passionate in business
127 Slow down and achieve more
128 The only people in the world
129 High-impact questions
130 Get a life

Graham Roberts-Phelps

Graham Roberts-Phelps is an international specialist consultant in business and personal development, sharing his ideas and insights with thousands of people and organizations every year. With an extensive background in management and business development, Graham works with organisations of many different types and sizes.