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The Financial Consequences of Marriage Breakdown

A Practitioner's View

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March 1998
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    20th March 1998
  • ISBN 9781854180421
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  • Pages 48 pp.
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This Special Briefing is an invaluable guide to all financial and legal advisers. Divorce or separation can result in complex and unforeseen financial consequences. There can be important implications for any property, pensions or investments owned by the individuals concerned. Anyone who provides financial advice needs to be fully briefed on the issues involved. Lawyers are also frequently required to negotiate on behalf of their clients. Maggie Rae provides a clear, practical explanation of the financial consequences of marriage breakdown. In concise and lucid terms, she discusses each of the key financial issues that need to be considered, illustrating them with helpful examples and precedents.


The consequence of marriage breakdown

Dispute resolution technique

The reordering of assets
Why should it become necessary to reorder assets on divorce?

The Court's powers

The principles on which the Court decides

The 'clean break'

Asset adjustment - the principles

Other factors

The process
General (non pilot scheme courts)

The pilot scheme


Resolving issues
Asking the Court to decide



Legal costs



Child support

Other matters



Appendix 1

Section 25 Matrimonial Causes Act 1973

Appendix 2

List of Courts operating the pilot scheme

Appendix 3

Useful addresses

Appendix 4

Civil legal aid and eligibility rates 1997/1998

Maggie Rae

Maggie Rae is a solicitor and partner at Mishcon de Reya. She specialises in family law, and has written and lectured extensively on all aspects of the subject. Maggie is a member of the Lord Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Ancillary Relief, the President's International Family Law Committee and the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.