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Achieving Business Excellence, Quality and Performance Improvement

Spiral bound
October 1997
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  • Published
    3rd October 1997
  • ISBN 9781854180186
  • Language English
  • Size 8.25" x 11.75"

This valuable Report identifies all the areas critical to developing an effective performance improvement process. It is a practical guide to the use of business excellence models and frameworks, quality standards, benchmarking tools, self-assessment programs and the latest performance improvement initiatives.

Frameworks for achieving business excellence
Performance improvement initiatives
Implementing self-assessment
The Business Excellence Model as a benchmarking tool

Colin Chapman

Colin Chapman , FAQMC, MIQA, is Senior Partner within The Blackwell Partnership, a leading management consultancy firm. The partnership are British Quality Foundation Registered providers of consultancy and training, and specialise in the use of The Business Excellence Model for continuous performance improvement.

Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper , FHCIMA, is an Associate of The Blackwell Partnership, proving specific guidance on the issues facing the catering and hospitality industries. He is also a British Quality Foundation approved assessor against the Business Excellence Model and has extensive experience in leading performance improvement programmes within many industry sectors.