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Influencing the European Union

Spiral bound
December 1997
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    10th December 1997
  • ISBN 9781854180148
  • Language English
  • Pages 102 pp.
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The EU and its institutions can now legislate in many of the policy areas that were once exclusively the preserve of national governments. Therefore every company, however small, must have a strategy and information source with which to deal with EU changes. This Report will help you to understand EU policies and their effect on business. It provides an overview of the objectives, institutions and powers of the EU, an understanding of the effects of EU policy on their product market, a better grasp of the EU decision making process, full details of where to find information, useful contacts and how to use the information.

The importance of the European Union for business
Why business must be active at European level
EU business and their affect on business
What to do?
What are the European Union's principal concerns?
Influencing the European Institutions
What is the European Union and how was it formed?
What are the objectives of the Community?
The decision-making process
What are the institutions of the Community?
The Economic and Social Committee
The European Court of Justice
How has the European Union developed since 1957?
How EU policies affect business (1)
The law of EU trade
The legal regime
The policy regime
Harmonisation law: sector by sector
Food processing
Chemical and pharmaceutical products
Manufacturing and engineering
Details of current law
Existing international standards
How EU policies affect business (2)
Competition policy
Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures
Environmental policy
Public procurement policy
Social policy
Consumer policy
Policies for small and medium-sized enterprises
The role of the Directorate-General for SMEs
The "Enterprise Policy"
Specific assistance

Peter Wilding

Peter Wilding is a specialist in European Union law and competition law. He has worked for the European Commission and the Government of Gibraltar. He is a consultant to the Adam Smith Institute and a lecturer at Middlesex University. He speaks widely on matters of European law and politics.